Task giver Task name XP Rep Money Items
Ma Fangzhong Cut Firewood 3 10 387w None
Qian Shi Gambling Storm 1 10 387w None
Yan Xiaotao Look for the Foods --- 10 387w Random Award
He Yulian Recapture Satchet 1 10 387w None
Guo Lan Fetch Water 1 10 387w None
Xiao Xianger Delicious Sugarcoated Haws 1 10 387w None
Feng Genbao Fight Against Injustice 3 10 387w None
Xu Qing Returned Money 3 10 387w None
Xue Muren Can you teach me about different medicines? 1 10 387w None
Min Xiao Attack Grave Robber 1 10 387w Random Award
Min Xiao Attack Bandits 2 10 387w 5 Hemostasis Herb
Meng Si Clever Boy 3 10 387w None
Meng Sisi Guessing Girl 2 10 387w 5 Blood Vivifying Grass
Li Mi Insect Disaster 1 10 387w None
Zhang Yuan Flying Rainbow Bridge Bandit 1 10 387w None
Zhang Yuan Herbs Gathering Doctor 3 10 387w None
Ke Yang Qiao Gongchang Who Fears Snake --- --- --- ---
Fang Wen Encounter Doctor 3 10 387w None
Song Xuan Wounded Scholar 1 10 387w None
Zhou Xiaomei Requirement of a Woman 1 10 387w None
Rong Wenbo Return of the Prodigal Son 1 10 387w None
Li Fuxing Hurried Pilgrim 3 10 387w None
Li Fuxing Hapless Pilgrim 3 10 387w Random Award
Xu Nu The Hermit’s Secret 3 10 387w None
Xu Nu Angry Xu Nu 2 10 387w 5 Spirit Retaking Pill
Peng Fei The Trouble of the Hunter 3 10 387w None
Peng Fei Aid the Hunter --- --- --- ---
Liu Mancang The Damn Pirates 3 10 387w None
Zhang San The Big Tree on the Tree 2 10 387w None
Zhang San Woodcutter’s Agony 3 10 387w None
Hu Anping Don't Be Lazy 3 15 972w None
Grain Transporting Wheeler Recapture Food 2 15 972w None

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