Treasures are a form of equipment.

Each character can currently have 5 treasures equiped at a time, once equipped, they are bound.

Like all other gear, treasures range from wood to jade, with wood being the worst, and Jade being the best.

Unlike other gear, Treasures can go beyond class 5. Also unlike other gears, treasures have a minimum strength level, characters under this strength level cannot equip that treasure.

Possible Treasure Effects & StatsEdit

This is not an all inclusive list, but some effects that treasures can have are listed below.

The values listed below are just a sample, and do not represent the full range of all possible values for a given ability. values increase based on the treasure's required character strength/power level.

  • Increased Internal/External Skill Hit Rate (1 -> 14)
  • Increased Internal/External Accuracy Rate (1-3%)
  • Increased Internal/External Skill Crit Rate (1 -> 9)
  • Increased Internal/External Critical Damage (10-14%)
  • Deduct Damage for Internal/External Skills
  • Ignore & Defuse Internal Skills
  • Defuse Internal Skills
  • External Skill Parry
  • Ignore & Deduct Internal Skill Damage
  • Deduct & Ignore Internal/External Skill Defence (1-3%)
  • Max HP
  • Max Internal Energy
  • HP Recovery Rate (1 -> 32)
  • Internal Energy Recovery Rate (1 -> 8)
  • Melee Power (1 -> 10)
  • Ranged Power (1 -> 10)
  • Internal Energy Power
  • Reduced Critical Damage Received (1 -> 13%) 
  • Internal Skill Defence(affects all 4 Internal defences)
  • Max Flying Skills Value
  • Yin/Yang Defence (1 - 20)
  • Deduct Yin/Yang (1-3%)
  • Ignore Yin/Yang (1-20)
  • Soft/Hard Defence
  • Deduct Soft/Hard
  • Ignore Soft/Hard Defence
  • Reduced chance of being Critically hit (3%)
  • Dodge (1-14)
  • Dodge Rate (1-3%)
  • Maximum Parry Endurance (15-300)
  • Parry Endurance Recovery Per Second
  • + Damage to any skill that deals damage. Typically, the more hits a skill does, the lower the number will be, with single hit skills having higher numbers. (1 - 55)

Some of the stats on treasures have confusing, mistranslated or typo'd names that make it hard to figure out what it is, here is a list of them and what they really are.(these have been confirmed)

  • Internal Energy Power=Internal Attack Damage
  • Defuse Internal Skills=Internal Parry
  • External Skill Parry= Block Rate
  • "Ignoring" Internal & External Skills(skills, not dmg or def)= unknown
  • Dodge=Evade

How To Obtain TreasuresEdit

  • Hero challenges. Each Hero defeated will drop at least one treasure, with a small chance of dropping more.
  • Forbidden Instances. Treasures can drop as loot inside chests, especially good ones can drop inside harder instances.
  • Heart of the Devil Random Encounter aka "possesion". you have a chance to get one as a reward at the end.

Pawning TreasuresEdit

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