There are several ways to travel across Jianghu:

  • walking/running on land, buildings and even on water surface (Sometimes using Flying skills.)
  • mounted on a horse
  • by stagecoach
  • climbing walls
  • by boat
  • swimming
  • diving
  • teleporting
  • using the map

Horses Edit

Horses can be

  • awarded by certain missions
  • bought from:
    • Item Shop
    • guild stable ????
    • Horse Seller NPCs ...
  • sent/received as a gift

There are 12 Horse types in Jianghu:

  • Old Horse
  • Yellow Horse
  • Mongolian Horse
  • Hetao Horse
  • Dayuan Horse
  • Linju ('Lin Horse' in Item Shop)
  • Red Lightning
  • Ziyanliu Horse
  • Drifting Cloud (just 'Cloud' in Item Shop)
  • Fanyu
  • Rushing Cloud
  • Juedi

Stagecoach Edit

The Stagecoach is a method of transport for long distances, for a minor fee payable in silver coins.

  • The Official Stagecoach can connect players to other scenes
  • The Village Stagecoach is a transport hub that connects players to areas in the present scene

Characters gain Experience even while enjoying the various landscapes. Players must open the map to find their desired Stagecoach, select it to go there, then talk to the coachman and choose the destination. They can exit the vehicle at any time during their travel.

Boats Edit

Similar with stagecoaches, boats can transport players to different areas of the current scene, paying a minor fee in silver coins. Players must open the map to locate a Boatman NPC, select it to go there, talk to it then choose their destination. They can jump off the boat at any time during the journey.

Swimming and Diving Edit

While under the water, a breath meter will show ...

Teleportation Edit

Using the Teleport Points function, players can:

  • voluntarily return to:
    • a Scene - starter town teleport point provided at the character's 'birth'
    • their School - teleport point automatically added after joining a School
    • their guild territory
  • set their desired Revival Location

Most of these locations are called 'Herbal Hall'. Additional Teleport Points can be bought for 1 Liang silver (coins ???) each as players explore new areas.

Teleporting has a 10 minutes cooldown timer.

Map Travel Edit

Cursor's coordinates are shown in the upper-left corner of the Map, next to the Scene name.

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