Titles are gained from completing Achievements. You can press "C," and then navigate to the third tab at the bottom of the window. Here you can change your title as it appears above your head in-game.

List of Titles Edit

If your title isn't in the table, please add it.

Title Achievement Level
Limitless Circulation Linked 1
Murderer Killer 1
A Common Goal Close Friend (part 2) 1
Taichiu Taoist Close Friend (part 1) 3
Unavoidable Mortal Enemy 2
Eminent in Glory Jianghu Experience 8
VIP Level 2 self explanatory...
Swordsman Jianghu VIP 3
Title Achievement Level
Lan-Generation Mountain-Guarding Disciple Emei (path 1) 9
Lan-Generation Exercising Disciple Emei (path 1) 10
Title Profession Level
Jianghu VIP (not 'Illustrious Craftsman') Craftsman 6
Title Source
Title Source
Jianghu Younger Generation ???
Storm Fighter Tempest Of Strife bundle reward

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