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The Tailor is a manufacturing life skill that allows the player to create clothing, armor, and item bags. Players can learn the skill by purchasing it from a Tailor Life Shifu for 500 Wen in Silver Coin. Upon learning the skill, the player will receive the title Tailoring Novice and can perform the Tailor Daily Task. To use the life skill, the player must have a pair of scissors in their backpack.

Daily Tasks Edit


Basic TailoringEdit

Create ClothEdit

Hair AccessoryEdit


  • White Cloth Overclothes Book
  • Eagle Feather Blood Coat Book (5 Silk Thread, 3 Great Ape Skin, 2 Watery Silk, 4 Double Sided Brocade, 10 Wool Thread)


  • White Cloth Pants Book
  • Eagle Feather Pants Book (5 Silk Thread, 3 Great Ape Skin, 12 Gauzhou Green, 2 Double Sided Brocade, 10 Wool Thread)


Shin GuardEdit

  • White Cloth Leggings Book
  • Eagle Feather Leggings Book (5 Silk Thread, 3 Thin Goat Fur, 9 Gauzhou Green, 4 Double Sided Brocade, 10 Wool Thread)

Wrist GuardEdit

  • White Cloth Wristguard Book
  • Eagle Feather Wristguard Book (5 Silk Thread, 3 Thin Monkey Skin, 9 Nine Clouds Satin, 4 Double Sided Brocade, 10 Wool Thread)




Hanxiang Cloth

Xuewen Satin

Fine-Spun Cloth

Flower-Weaved Silk Cloth

Rose Brocade

Armor DissassemblyEdit


Top tailor outfit

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