Status Edit

HP Edit

Health Points (HP) determine the character's ability to absorb damage. The maximum HP is determined by your internal skill, active meridians, stamina and brawn.

Energy Edit

Energy, also known as Internal Force,

Flying Edit

Vigor Edit

Vigor, also known as Physical Strength, acts as a limiter when using life skills. Each time a player uses a life skill, a set amount of vigor is deducted from their total. The maximum amount of vigor a player has is determined by the levels of their life skills. Vigor can be regenerated up to the maximum amount once per day. Thus if a player has 150 points of vigor, they will only regenerate 150 points during the day. Vigor can also be restored by consuming Tonifying Chi Pill, which restores 30 points of vigor each time.

Nutrition Edit

Infamy Edit

Alcohol Edit

Brawn Edit

Posture/Balance Edit

Breath= give max energy and its value is directly proportional to the internal attack damage. In other words, breath increases the max energy and is the value of the internal attack damage Edit

Spirit=this is your internal crit atk and internal atk accuracy. If you land an internal crit hit, this is the "bonus" value Edit

Stamina Edit

Evade Edit

Resilient Edit

Block rating Edit

External defense Edit

Power Edit

External attack/Melee damage Edit

External attack accuracy= this value tells the user the accuracy of his or her attack. Edit

External attack critical hit Edit

Ranged damage Edit

Internal attack damage= this tells you how much damage you would do if the skills is internally based. Hoover your mouse over the your skills, the green numbers is the internal atk power. This value equals to the value of your breath.  Edit

Internal attack accuracy Edit

Internal attack critical hit Edit

Internal skill defense Edit

Hard defense Edit

Soft defense Edit

Yin defense Edit

Yang defense Edit

Internal parry Edit

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