Event Name: Double Rewards for Daily and Weekly Events with the Reclusive Factions Edit

Event Date: September 29 – October 9 *All times are in CDT, server time

During the event, certain rewards for the Daily Events of the Reclusive Factions are doubled.

Event Name: All level up! Edit

Event date: September 29 - October 15 *All times are in CDT, Server Time.

Event content:

During the event period, the system can allow the players who have met the condition to upgrade instantly.


(When Tier 5 has been completed) 

Disciples of the Eight Schools can learn corresponding Tier 4 internal skill and increase it to level 49, learn Tier 5 internal skill and increase its level cap to level 9, and learn Tier 1, 2, 3 internal skill and increase it to the required level to break through meridians and acupoints via Passing Internal Power from the Top at the School Instruction Administrator (once only).

Participation requirements:

1. Tier 3 school’s internal skill has reached level 30.

2. Tier 4 school’s internal skill has not reached level 49 yet.

3. You are not the Internal Skill Younger Brother.

4. You haven't betrayed the school during event period.

5. If original 4th internal skill level is higher than 49, current level and max level will keep and will not be affected by this event. 


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