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Good Schools Edit

Shaolin (少林) Edit

Shaolin Banner

The Shaolin are leaders, judges, and guardians of the weak. They use fierce attacks and overwhelming strength to defeat their enemies. (The Shaolin only take male disciples.)

Shaolin Skill Sets Overview

Emei (峨眉) Edit

Emei Banner

The Sisterhood of the Emei dominate the Southwest district. They are considered one of the three Righteous Schools, along with the Shaolin and Wudang. (Emei only accepts female disciples.)

Emei Skill Sets Overview

Wudang (武当) Edit

Wudang Banner

Wudang disciples are known as wandering protectors and devout Taoists. In combat, they seek a balance between body and mind, and use chi to weaken stronger opponents and turn their attacks against themselves.

Wudang Skill Sets Overview

Beggars' Sect (丐帮) Edit

Beggars' Sect Banner

Casually neutral, but helpful and friendly, the Beggars are one of the largest schools in Jianghu, and made up of people from all walks of life. They are renowned for their staff-fighting techniques. (Only players with the Beggar profession can join this School.)

Beggars' Sect Skill Sets Overview

Neutral Schools Edit

Scholars (君子堂) Edit

Scholars Banner

The Scholars are devoted to the arts of the mind; they are skilled in chess, music, painting, and calligraphy...and the secret knowledge of deadly musical frequencies. A Scholar's melody can rupture organs, and kill an enemy without a scratch. (Only players with a culture profession (ie. Calligrapher, Musician, Weiqi Player, or Painter) can join this school.)

Scholars Skill Sets Overview

Tangmen (唐门) Edit

Tangmen Banner

Tangmen is only loyal to themselves. They specialize in hit-and-run tactics, hidden weapons, and crippling poisons.

Tangmen Skill Sets Overview

Evil Schools Edit

Royal Guards (锦衣卫) Edit

Royal Guards Banner

Vicious and cruel, the Royal Guards seek power and control. Their brutal, merciless attacks are the dark twin of Shaolin.

Royal Guards Skill Sets Overview

Wanderer's Valley (极乐谷) Edit

Wanderer's Valley Banner

The acolytes of the Wanderer's Valley are amoral, secretive and sinister. Their art focuses on the use of cunning tricks, poisons, and their vicious mastery of dark chi.

Wanderer's Valley Skill Sets Overview

Abandoning the School Edit

It is possible to abandon the School one has chosen at any given time, following one of the three methods.

Jianghu Factions Edit

there are also Six Factions available to any player that hasn't choosen any School yet.

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