In Age of Wushu, players can choose to join one of eight major schools. Each school has its own set of unique Internal skills, Martial Arts sets, Meridians, and school outfits.

The Eight Schools Edit

Beggar's Sect Edit

  • Alignment: Good
  • Weapons: Quarterstaff, Barehanded

Emei Edit

  • Alignment: Good
  • Weapons: Double Stings, Dagger, Barehanded

Royal Guards Edit

  • Alignment: Evil
  • Weapons: Chains, Single Blade, Barehanded

Scholars Edit

  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Weapons: Single Sword, Twin Swords, Barehanded

Shaolin Edit

  • Alignment: Good
  • Weapons: Barehanded, Staff

Tangmen Edit

  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Weapons: Dagger, Darts, Bullet

Wanderer's Valley Edit

  • Alignment: Evil
  • Weapons: Double Blade, Double Stings, Single Sword, Barehanded

Wudang Edit

  • Alignment: Good
  • Weapons: Single Sword, Twin Swords, Barehanded

Joining Edit

When the player advances far enough along the beginning storyline, the Coachman NPC will give the player a quest that helps the player join a school.

The following schools have special requirements:

  • Emei: the character must be female.
  • Shaolin: the character must be male.
  • Beggar's Sect: the character must learn the Beggar Life Skill.
  • Scholars: the character must learn one of the four cultural Life Skills: Calligrapher, Painter, Weiqi Player, or Musician.

Abandoning Edit

It is possible to abandon the school one has chosen at any given time, following one of the three methods.

Alternatives Edit

The player may choose to not join a school. They have the option to remain a Vagrant, to join a Faction, or to join a Subsect.