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Random encounters are special quests which give good rewards - reputation, rare items, unbound silver and fragments of books on martial skills players can't obtain otherwise in game.

Types Edit

Players can trigger them in one of these ways:

  • starting with a mob-dropped item (these usually, but not always, have coordinates or mention names for who should receive the item to start the quest)
  • talking with NPCs with a certain Affinity towards them ('Gratitude or Resentment' quests)
  • from NPCs with a red lantern over their head approaching the players (even in mid combat) and:
    • giving a gift - item received will be unbound
    • offering to sell something (like a Flying skill) for unbound silver - bought item will be bound
    • giving a quest - its reward may be:.................................
      • encounter box containing an unbound life skill item (loom)
      • martial box containing unbound skills

Note: There is a 30 seconds timer to talk to the red lantern NPC.

There are a lot of 'Gratitude or Resentment' quests spread over Jianghu. They will reward random items upon completion. Typical rewards are crafting books, herbs, or pills.

Items Edit

With a Random Encounter it isn't so easy to evaluate whether or not a particular item has any real meaning. Here is a list of possible Random Encounter items and what to do with them.

Gaining NPC Affinity

One way of spawning random encounters is to gain NPC's affinity and friendship. This can be achieved in many ways.. Cultivating any skill or meridian to the next level in front of npc's will gain affinity. Doing trades, giving gifts directly to the npc, team practice with or without other people, fighting with other real people or just simply meditating in front of. You will gain a positive affinity or negative.. Getting a negative affinity does not mean you are doing something wrong. Sometimes Random Encounters are spawned by negative affinity. It all comes down to the npcs you decide to shower with gifts or smelt a million ingots in front of. Doing this once or getting affinity one time will not typically spawn a re. It is the continuous maintenence of the relationship with the NPC.

Find out from friends which npcs give the best RE rewards. This will allow you to nail down the Npcs you choose to shower with gifts or cultivate in front of. Once you have found the npc you want.. click on them and on their icon box  add attention to the NPC. After days or weeks of giving gifts, cultivating or whatever you do for positive affinity. You will see the rainbow bar above their head go from merely being curious of who you are to being in awe of you. Somewhere in this time you will be able to click on the npc and an option appears for the first time.. This will allow you to add the npc as a friend. It seems the more npc's you get into this state the more RE you will encounter. Keeping these Npc's happy on a daily basis seems to be a big part. ~TeeMoney / INEEDLIANG (White Tiger)

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