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Random encounters are special quests which give good rewards - reputation, rare items, unbound silver and fragments of books on martial skills players can't obtain otherwise in game.

Types Edit

Players can trigger them in one of these ways:

  • starting with a mob-dropped item (these usually, but not always, have coordinates or mention names for who should receive the item to start the quest)
  • talking with NPCs with a certain Affinity towards them ('Gratitude or Resentment' quests)
  • from NPCs with a red lantern over their head approaching the players (even in mid combat) and:
    • giving a gift - item received will be unbound
    • offering to sell something (like a Flying skill) for unbound silver - bought item will be bound
    • giving a quest - its reward may be:.................................
      • encounter box containing an unbound life skill item (loom)
      • martial box containing unbound skills

Note: There is a 30 seconds timer to talk to the red lantern NPC.

There are a lot of 'Gratitude or Resentment' quests spread over Jianghu. They will reward random items upon completion. Typical rewards are crafting books, herbs, or pills.

Items Edit

With a Random Encounter it isn't so easy to evaluate whether or not a particular item has any real meaning. Here is a list of possible Random Encounter items and what to do with them.

Gaining NPC Affinity

This method has unfortunately been patched and will no longer work. ~ Vaan

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