Increase Yang/Hard damage by 20% and Taichi by 16%

Brawn: +94 (+141)
Posture: +58 (+87)
Breath: +86 (+129)
Spirit: +56 (+84)
Stamina: +90 (+135)

lvl 36:

When you attack, you will continuously become drunk without having to drink. Any attacks made while drunk will cause additional Yang damage, but each attack that causes damage will consume a little drunkness.
The Raining Wine: When you attack, there is a chance you will stir a heavy mist of wine around you. If an opponent enters your wine mist, in 21 seconds their resistance and dodge will be lowered and the chance to be critically hit will be raised by 18%.
Sober Moment: Every time you trigger “The Raining Wine,” you will no longer gain drunkness upon every attack. However, all attack types (yang/yin/taichi) will have their damage increased to 20% and critical hit chance will be increased by 16%. Sober Moment lasts for 9 seconds.

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