Random ItemsEdit

Hoe Bronze Hoe Wooden Hoe Iron Hoe Plow Gold-Plated Hoe
Worm Plaque Ebony Worm Plaque Lark Feeding Insects Tablet Colorful Seven Insects Tablet Golden Silk Insect King Tablet Gu Lord Tablet
Fertilizer Pesticide Weeding Machine Mulberry Leaf Silkworm Farm Chemical
Planting Guidelines (30 Days)


Soy Bean (bought) Orange Tea Leaf Vegetable Oil
Water-Rich Spring Sea Salt Rice Wine Sesame Oil (1)
Egg Agaric Lotus Leaf Lard Ointment
Yellow Wine Butter Honey Outermost Skin Layer
Erguotou Lotus Root Brown Sugar Rock Salt
White Sugar Crystal Sugar Red Camphor Oil Spice
Groundnuts Oil Ling Wine Edible Bird's Nest Olive Oil


Flour Processing Method Tofu Processing Method
Shredded Dried Bean Curd Processing Method Bean Vermicelli Processing Method
Vermicelli Processing Method Ham Processing Method
Sticky Rice Processing Method Dried Orange Peel Processing Method
Wheat Gluten Processing Method Green Tea Processing Method
Broad Bean Paste Processing Method Sesame Paste Processing Method


Wheat Seed Rice Seed Winter Bamboo Shoot Seeds
Sesame Seeds Ramie Seeds Hemp Seeds
Asparagus Lettuce Seed Osmanthus Fragrans Seeds Apocynum Seeds
Pine Tree Seeds Red Pepper Seed Chives Seed
Shallot Seed Soy Seed Cap Fungus Seeds
Asparagus Seed Day Lily Seed Ginger Seed
Greens Seed Yam Seeds Tomato Seed
Pepper Seeds Chufa Seed Cinnamon Seeds
Treasure Boxnut Seed Pod Pepper Seed Caraway Seed
Garlic Seed Cabbage Seed Eggplant Seed
Garlic Sprouts Seed Pepper Seed Pine Tree Seeds
Lemon Tree Seed
Newly-Hatched Silkworm Seeds Lobworm Seeds Zhang Silkworm Egg

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