(Bone Corrosion Palm) Poisonous Bone Corrosion Palm
Poisonous Bone Corrosion Palm
(Bone Corrosion Palm) Poisonous Bone Corrosion Palm (Description)
School Wanderer's Valley (skill list) Skill Set Bone Corrosion Palm
Bonus Attribute
Weapon Type Range CD IF Cost Max Lvl
Barehanded Feint None 2.0 s 7

Your fists strike with a bitter coldness that penetrates the bones of enemies who stand before them, dealing 23(+19) points of Yang damage. (Total of 2 hits, each hit doing about 21 points of damage.)

After breaking an enemy's defense, this movement puts them in the Smash Marrow state. This causes the target to continuously lose internal energy. When you execute this movement, the amount of internal energy you use determines how much damage you inflict. This movement can also reset the duration of poison effect.

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