The Palace of Shifting Flowers is a female only faction. Its only set is Seven Skills of the Flower Goddess.

Getting to the Palace of Shifting Flowers scene Edit

The Palace scene can be accessed by all players, but only females with a quest involving the palace may walk past a certain point. To trigger the event that starts the quest needed to access this scene, one must

  1. Go to Suzhou
  2. Travel along the road from Scholars' scene (there should be a mini-instance slightly south of the road)
  3. After travelling along the road a few times, a short cinematic with a woman in white should play.

You may now begin the quest to enter the Palace.

Palace of Shifting Flower's Skills & Inner Edit

The inner effect of Palace of Shifting Flowers is based around dodging. Recommended meridians are Tangmen, Emei, WV, Wudang, and Beggar's Sect.

You can alternatively go yin soft external and go with Tangmen, Emei, Shaolin, Royal Guard and Wudang.

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