Another addition that Age of Wushu offers, not seen in many other MMOG titles. When players log off after a long day of playing, their character continues to work for them, collecting experience (and not only) until they return. The Offline System is a unique reward for those that need to disconnect for a few hours or days, but it also adds a new adventure - Kidnapping (and related actions) - for those online.

When walking into a town or an outpost, there are a lot of NPCs to interact with: Bankers, Blacksmiths, Café owners, etc. In addition, one can see occasional street performers dancing and breathing fire in a square, maybe a servant sweeping the steps of a tavern, or even another patrolman walking the streets. These are not typical NPCs, they are players' friends or enemies offline. The 'occupation' players take on, while they are off, depends upon the location they sign-out. Different scenes offer a variety of different positions: in a town players can become one of the previously mentioned roles, if they log out on school grounds they become disciples working to teach or protect that temple.

While offline at their school, players may undertake patrolling the school as Patrolling Disciples. During Spying events, other players now have to complete tasks against their character (with its strength and levels that they have cultivated). This can prove a lot more difficult than trying to spy around normal NPC patrolls. Successfully chasing off spies while offline yield its own rewards and bonuses when players log back in.

Being offline isn’t just having their character do something; players will be financially compensated for the job their toon performs while they are away. When they log back in, the money that they have earned from the tasks (based upon the amount of time they performed that duty) will be available for collection.

Players under VIP status will also have the option to open stalls and sell goods they manufactured while they were online; they will even have an opportunity to train skills (Internal Cultivation) while they are away.

Some of the interactions that players make offline can lead to the valuable Random/Miracle Encounters when they log back in.

All in all, Offline System offers a richer gameplay than other games that just let players sign out and forget about their character. They can see the results of the actions they performed (with the money and other rewards that they have earned) when they log back in.

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