Life skills

Manufacturing Life Skill Professions take the materials gained from gathering and refines them into useful gear and consumables used by all players. A player can learn two skills from this category, one primary and one secondary. By default, the "I" button opens up the life skills interface. There are 6 different manufacturing life skills:

Refine cloth, linens/cottons, and silk into armor and item bags, as well as embroidering armor to add additional effects.
Create consumables that provide nutrition and food buffs, and add additional effects to weapons.
Produce drugs that provide massive buffs and debuffs to the user, as well as poisons that augment your armor.
Craft items that are used with other Manufacturing Skills, such as handles, as well as jewelry and boxes.
Smith weapons that can be wielded by other players, as well as quench weapons, adding additional effects.
Improve gear by dipping, synthesize medicines that give buffs, restore health and internal force, and combined experience pills.

The Tenth OrderEdit

  • After leveling the first chosen primary Manufacturing Life Skill Profession to level 9 Legendary, a player can get a secondary Manufacturing Profession.
  • After leveling the secondary Manufacturing Life Skill Profession to level 9 Legendary, it will be possible to level the first one to level 10 Tenth Order.
  • Players can only have one Tenth Order Manufacturing Profession which would be the first chosen profession.
  • The other Life Skill categories do not have a Tenth Order, for example, a player could not become a Tenth Order Farmer.

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