To join or respond to a Guild, players must:

  • be free from Novice Protection and have joined a School
  • talk to a Guild Administrator in their school or in one of the major cities to select 'Join/Support Guild' then:
    • in the 'Respond List' tab, they can select the Guild which they want to respond to then click 'Respond' button at the bottom-right or
    • in the 'Guild List' tab, they can select the Guild which they want to join then click 'Apply to Join' at the bottom-right

Note: In the 'Search Guild Info' interface, guilds can be sorted by name, level, members number, capability or school.

A Guild Leader can invite players by:

  • right clicking players' avatars then clicking 'Invite'
  • right clicking players' names in the Chat window then clicking 'Recruit Follower'
  • clicking the 'Recruit Disciples' button at the bottom-right corner of the Guild Interface and input a recruit's name

Once they joined, players can request a guild uniform from the Guild Administrator ('Received Guild Uniform' dialog option). More advanced of these uniforms will be received each time guild levels up.

Joining a guild increases players' Vigor.

After quitting a guild, players have to wait 24 hours to be able again to join one.

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