Provides periodically updated Top 100 lists in some areas.

Can be accessed by:

  • 'clicking 'Rank' icon at the ...
  • selecting 'Jianghu Ranking' menu item at the left of 'Person' page in 'My Jiangu' interface

It shows rankings in the following fields:

Martial Art Edit

Divided in:

  • Internal Skill - Top 100 Kung Fu experts; calculated once every hour
  • each School ranking
  • Wulin Tournament
  • Wulin Championship
  • ....
  • Jianghu Criminal - Top 100 Most Wanted Criminals; calculated daily at 6 AM (server time ????)

Chivalry Edit

Sub-divided according to the four possible tags

Life Edit

Sections for each of the 17 Life skills - Top 100 in the skill; calculated daily at 12 PM

Forbidden Instance Edit

Rankings for each of the five Forbidden Instances

Guild Edit


  • Size
  • Caravan Escort

Kills Edit

Only about Instance Kills

Battlefield Edit

  • Opposing Powers
  • Death Mode
  • Victories

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