Jade frag

Jade Fragment Edit

Function: Edit

Jade Fragments are used to exchange for past 99 skill sets.

Exchange Location: Edit

They can be exchanged at the Curio Dealer located in a main city's(Chengdu, Suzhou etc.) Bank.

Exchangeable Items: Edit

How to Obtain: Edit

Jade Fragments are obtained from a Kirin Treasure Box which can be purchased from the online store for (5 Gold). Each box contains 5 Jade Fragments and 1 Exquisite Kirin Treasure Box(Chance of Inner Skill Fragments).

Trivia: Edit

  • Jade Fragments are Unbound unless obtained from an event box
  • Sets obtained from Jade Fragments have a chance to contain a Xuan Ice green fire wine
  • The sets obtained using Jade Fragments are unbound?(To be confirmed)
  • Curio Dealer Locations : (Chengdu: 743 679) (Suzhou: 492, 369)

Reference: Edit

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