Provides information on titles which players can achieve by developing certain aspect of their character. May be opened in three ways:

  • 'Identity' icon at .....
  • shortcut key U
  • 'My Jianghu' interface, 'Person' section, 'Identity' menu item

Areas Identity is displayed for:

Jianghu Edit

Jianghu Experience Edit

Jianghu Achievements Edit

Cultivation Edit

School Edit

Scholars Edit

Four Tiers:

  • School novice
    • Boy Servant
    • Sword Wielding Scholar
    • Taiyi Swordsman
    • Taichu Swordsman
    • Taishi Swordsman
  • School elite
    • Taisu Swordsman
    • Taiji Swordsman
    • Taiyi Sword Monarch
    • ...

Life Edit

Collection Edit

Manufacture Edit

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