Hero Locations

Every NPC with a sword on it has the possibility of spawning one or more types of heroes and can spawn double heroes. Double heroes have a chance of dropping one or two brocade chests, while single heroes have a very low chance to drop a brocade chest.

Inside that chest is normally a small inner training school that matches the inner the NPC was using. The level of the scroll is determined by the level of the heroes that you defeated, junior, senior, etc. There is still a chance to get a scroll that does not match what their inner is from a chest.

Each particular mob will spawn heroes from at least two different schools, with one of the schools being more common.

For the chart below we will be using "x" to mark the type of heroes that spawns. However in the case where a single location spawns two types of heroes, the more common one will be marked with "X". An asterisk after the NPC's name will be used to mark a mob that is in a close pack for easier farming. 

Zone NPC Location SH EM WD BG SC TM RG BV 
Scholars Cubilose thief + Wretched man 137, 429 x x
Wanderer's Valley Jungle killer + Footpad* 497,248 x X
Wanderer's Valley WV outside disciple 452, 208 x
Suzhou Valley ... + Sword tomb ... 948,390 x x
Suzhou Windbell valley disciple 523, 971 x x
Suzhou Pill refining taoist 578, 1110 x x
Suzhou South of ... + Faceless ... 433, 1153 x x
Suzhou Throat cuttung woman + Five poison finger 204, 1448 x x
Suzhou Rude Carpenter 488, 768 x x
Suzhou Fierce Stoneman 488, 768 x x
Wudang Barn guard -48, 430 x x
Wudang Rude bandit -31, 500 x x
Wudang Masked ... + Mysterious ... 82, 262 x
Wudang Back Mountain Patrol Disciple 290, 260 x X
Scholars Wanderer's Valley slayer 1171, 1335 x
Chengdu Firebolt xxx 425, 921 x
Chengdu Lumberjack supervisor 220, 656 x
Northern Desert Devil's Gate 223, -538 x x
Northern Desert Yang Pass Guard 946, 406 x x
Jiming Posthouse Bandit 800, 260 x
Jiming Posthouse Hunter 105, 61 X x
Yanjing Cheater -25, 270 x x
Yanjing All Camp NPCs 430, 800 x x
Yanjing Sword Forge Guard 380, 1520 x x
Yanjing Ancient Tomb Sect Traitor 1010, 1450 x x
Yanjing Qinshui Lake Swordsman 670, 1170 x x
Yanjing Bandit 670, 1170 x x
Yanjing Killers Manor 1580, 70 x x
Beggar's Sect Scorpion Valley Guard 752, 785 x x
Beggar's Sect All Foreign NPCs 730, -52 x x
Beggar's Sect Beggar Sect Ruffian 711,136 x x
Scholars Yellow Dragon 250, 1075 X x
Scholars Pirates 160, 1250 x x
Scholars Green Dragon 470, 1090 x x
Scholars Double Dragon Castle ...* 100, 1000 X x
Scholars Bold Pervert 1206, 1211 x X
Scholars Pirate 1640, 1020 x x
Royal Guards Black Hill Guard 180, -400 x x
Royal Guards Beggar Sect Spy 300, 630 X x
Royal Guards Deserters 250, 200 x x
Royal Guards Phantoms' Manor 960, 930 x x
Royal Guards Ba Springs 675, 350 x x
Chengdu Lingtian Escorts 313, 505 x X
Chengdu Laborer 150, 840 x X
Chengdu All Jian Army 759,922 x x
Luoyang All Mouse NPCs 1335, 1395 x x
Luoyang Baodu Stockade NPCs 0, 443 x x
Luoyang Thousand Buddha Cult ...* 1290, 1445 X x
Luoyang Water Bandits 240, 615 x x
Tangmen Five Immortal Sect Male Disciple* 230, -80 X x
Tangmen Mysterious Royal Guard* 677, 170 x X
Tangmen Provocative Guest 1350, 80 x
Tangmen Provoking Janghu Guest 1300, 150 X X
Tangmen Tangmen Disciple 470, 280 X X
Tangmen All Tangmen NPC's 800, -510 X X
Tangmen Wandering Master 610, 880 X
Wanderer's Valley Boa Trainers, Rangers 353, 266 x X
Emei Muyun Manor Elite 690, 480 x
Emei Seven Star NPC's 806, 47 x
Emei Bandit Leader 500, 420 X x
Emei Emei Bandit 500, 420 X x
Emei Black Suit NPC 1079, -142 x
Emei Mizhu Heart Broken Girl 584, 1105 x x
Emei Heming Temple Taoists 616, 801 x
Emei All He-Generation NPCs 713, 369 x x
Shaolin Monks 400, 50 x x
Shaolin Drunk Monks 730, 650 X x
Suzhou Miner 1143, 542 x x
Northern Desert Thirsty People 1375, 238 x x
Northern Desert Desert Wanderer* 1326, 43 X x
Northern Desert Thieves & Soldiers 842, 159 x x
Northern Desert Hawk Eye Assassin* 940, 1113 x X
Northern Desert Heaven Net Cult ... 1147, 945 x
Northern Desert Ascetic Tibetan Monk* 1027, 287 X x
Jinling Cattle Thief 1330, 300 x
Jinling Cattle Keeper/ Guard/ Expert 1330, 300 x
Wudang Escaping Bandit 529, 953 x x
Wudang Tomb Burglar 919, 1132 x X
Qiandeng Town Da Liang Sect * 620, 600 x X
Qiandeng Town Armed Escorts, Merchants 440, 785 x X
Evil Men's Valley Port Guard -118, -280 X x

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