Guild Escort Missions


Player must be First Understanding or above, be a member of a guild, and must be part of a team. A Player can press "O" and select "Create Team" to make a team by themselves.

Basic EscortEdit

At the wagon wheel icon on your map, the Escort NPC will have a list of escorts you can do.

The escort carts range from Light - Medium - Strong which effects the rate of speed the cart will travel at.

The locations which you decide for your cart's destination will effect the maximum amount of time you have to complete the mission.

Other players have the option to raid your cart but your cart can be repaired after a short period if it is destroyed.

Special EscortEdit

After you have found a team of six people, you can begin a special escort at specific times listed under the daily events.

Players can teleport the cart to another area to begin the cart run and other players have the option to teleport in to attack your cart.

Golden EscortEdit

Information unknown at this time.

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