As game itself states, Flying skills aren't just for show - they are extremely useful, especially in combat. They are not only a trend, but a life style in the Jianghu.

Players will find Flying skills to be one of the most important character upgrades they should be making in order to further develop it. Learning the Flying skills will open the limits to players' movement style and combat tactics which will make them true masters of the Jianghu.

The Flying skills give players the ability to move freely across rooftops and surroundings, let them explore more of the landscapes, reach random treasure boxes that would otherwise be too high, and escape pursuing enemies or vengeful victims.

Since Flying skills are in fact 'skills', players must learn them through unique skill books similar to the Internal and Combat skills found in-game. Once learned, these skills usually do not require any cultivation: players simply study the script and now have these excellent bonus abilities.

Acquiring Edit

Some of these skills can be found strewn about in the world by their pages, some rewarded in Influence Challenges (to be verified) or Forbidden Instances, and some through the Random encounters that unlock as character's life in Jianghu progresses. In some cases they are tradable and can be sold in stalls.

  1. Vigorous Strides: Can be purchased at Martial Arts Shifu at starting area
  1. Move On Water: Dropped from bosses in Green Cloud Castle on any difficulty. Obtained from Random Encounter
  2. Water Clicking Jump: Obtained from Random Encounters
  3. Skyward Feint Step: Obtained from a Random Encounters tutorial when the storyline progresses at the beginning of the game
  4. Whirlwind Step: Dropped from bosses in Faction Challenge, or sometimes called Influence Challenges/mini-instance by some player.Obtained from Random Encounters
  5. Jump Across the Cloud: Dropped from bosses in Faction Challenge, or sometimes called Influence Challenges/mini-instance by some player. Obtained from Random Encounters
  6. Wild Goose Flying Skill: Dropped from bosses in Twilight Village on any difficulty. Obtained from Random Encounters
  7. Speed Up Without Trace: Dropped from 3rd boss on Longmen Inn on Hell Mode difficulty. Obtained from Random Encounters
  8. Lightweight Skill: Dropped from Bosses in Peacock Villa  on any difficulty (verification needed). Obtained from Random Encounters. Also Drops in Yanmen Pass normal mode.
  9. Gecko On The Wall: Dropped from bosses in Longmen Inn on any difficulty. Obtained from Random Encounters
  10. Step On high Ladder: Dropped from bosses in Twilight Village on any difficulty. Obtained from Random Encounters
  11. Dragon Wheel: Dropped from bosses in Twilight Village on Shura difficulty. Obtained from Random Encounters Also drops in Yanmen Pass normal mode.

Flying skill Points Edit

Flying skills rely on players' Flying skill attribute value. Having more of these lets players run and fly longer. Flying skill Points value is adjusted and modified through various means. When players use Flying skills the blue bar that appears tells them how much of it remains. This is important, for example, when using a Flying skill to fall from a higher ledge: players probably don’t want to lose Flying skill Points mid-fall and complete the rest of the decent falling to a 'thud'. Likewise, criminals don’t want to be running from constables while wanted for murder and lose Flying skill Points trying to climb the side of a city wall.

Skills Edit

There are three types of Flying skills:

  • 12 Basic Flying skills:
Icon Name Description Bonuses How to use Flying skill Points
Vigorous Strides Vigorous Strides Passive skill Movement speed +6%
Jump height +...%
press W,A,S,D to move
press Space Bar to jump
Move On Water Move On Water Become light as a feather and run across the gentle waves Move on water speed + press Flying skill Key 1 (default Shift) and a Direction Key to run on the water's surface 10
Water Clicking Jump Water Clicking Jump Grace the water with the tender touch of a dragonfly Water jump height + before touching the water press Space Bar to jump off the water's surface 12
Skyward Feint Step Skyward Feint Step Leap skyward when already in the air Second jump height +11% while jumping press Space Bar to jump in mid-air 14
Whirlwind Step Whirlwind Step Allows to step on the wind to twirl skyward Triplejump height +11% while jumping press Space Bar to jump a second time in mid-air 15
Jump Across the Cloud Jump Across the Cloud Shoot through the sky like a strike of lightning Air charge speed +...%
Air charge distance +6%
while airborn double-tap a Direction Key and hold it to jolt forward, mid-air 15
Wild Goose Flying Skill Wild Goose Flying Skill Move with cat-like reflexes Ground charge speed +...%
Ground charge distance +4%
press Ctrl and a Direction Key to dash on the ground 13
Speed Up Without Trace Speed Up Without Trace Become sturdy like a horse and run fast as the wind Movement speed +3.0 while on land press Flying skill Key 1 (default Shift) and a Direction Key to move faster 10
Lightweight Skill Lightweight Skill Fall gentle as a falling leaf Slows landing speed to 5 while falling press Space Bar to become lighter 10
Gecko On The Wall Gecko On The Wall Breathe deep and glide across the walls Wall skipping speed 7.5 run towards a wall then hold Flying skill Key 1 (default Shift) and move forward (?) to run along walls 10
Step On High Ladder Step On High Ladder Set sight high and run up walls Increase wall climbing speed to 7.5 run towards a wall then hold Flying skill Key 1 (default Shift) and move forward to climb walls 10
Dragon Wheel Dragon Wheel Move like trees in a blowing storm Bounce speed 4.2
Bounce height 2.2
when on a wall press Space Bar to flip over obstacles 10
  • Skillful Flying skills - passively improve the effectiveness of all the other Flying skills, based on Cultivation
    • School related - need relevant Internal Skills as support; all Schools have their own focuses in studying these
    • Other Flying skills

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