End of February Events

Event 1: Top-Up and Saddle-Up Edit

Duration: February 21–27, 2013
Details: During the event, Single top-ups of 100 Gold will be rewarded a Horse Whistle. Limit 2 Horse Whistles Daily.
Rewards: 1x Cloud Horse Whistle (30 Days)

Event 2: VIP Time Edit

Duration: February 21–25, 2013
Details: During the event, players that exchange Gold for VIP Status will gain additional VIP time! The more gold exchanged, the more VIP time.
Rewards: 3 extra days for every 30 Days exchanged! NO LIMIT

Event 3: Shop Til You Drop Edit

Duration: February 21–27, 2013
Details: Spending at least 20 Gold in a single transaction at the Mall or for VIP will reward a player with a Snow Lotus to help cultivation!
Rewards: 1xHundred Year Snow Lotus (200,000 Cultivation points)

References Edit

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