There are three types of currency in Age of Wushu: Gold, Silver Taels, and Silver Coins.

Gold Edit

Gold is the currency that is used for purchase from the Cash Shop. The only way to obtain gold is to "Top Up", or purchase Gold, through Snail Games' website. Gold can be used to purchase fashion items, horse whistles, and life skill books from the Cash Shop. Gold is also used to purchase VIP service or be converted to Silver Taels at a rate of 1 gold per 10 Liang Taels. (Beware of gold scammers, and only buy gold from the official site)

Silver Edit

Money interface

Silver is the currency used within the game and comes in two forms, Coins and Taels. Both forms of silver comes in 3 different units: Wen, Liang, and Ding. The Wen is the smallest unit and is the bases of all currency. One thousand Wen make a Liang. One thousand Liang makes a Ding.

Silver Coins

Silver Coins are bound to the character and cannot be used for trade between players. Coins are used as the basic currency in the game, such as making purchases in shops, stagecoach fees, item repair fees, and so on. Players earn Coins by completing storyline quests, daily tasks, Forbidden Instances, influence challenges, or school missions. There is a 360 Liang daily spending limit for Coins. Once this limit has been reached, the player has the option to use Taels instead.

Silver Taels

Unlike Coins, Silver Taels are not bound to the character and can be used for trade between players as well as for basic purchases when the player has reached their daily spending limit for Silver Coins. The number of ways through which a player can earn Taels is limited. At present, they can only obtained by kidnapping players, collecting bounties, trading with other players, or converting from gold.

Carry limits Edit

  • Non Jianghu VIP--8 Ding of Silver Coins, 30 Ding of Taels.
  • Jianghu VIP--10 Ding of Silver Coins, 1000 Ding of Taels.

Joint Deletion Edit

Bound deduction

When Join Deletion is enabled, it is possible to spend Silver Taels instead of Silver Coins when the player does not have enough Silver Coins or their use is restricted. To enable deduction, you must select Joint Deletion Option on the bottom left area of your backpack interface.

References Edit

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