There are 4 classifications of skills players can use to fight. They are as follows:

  • Overt: dealing damage
  • Feint: break the enemy's block
  • Block: using these skills grants players different effects that would be activated when parrying successfully
  • Chi: buffs and debuffs

Rock-Paper-Scissors SystemEdit

Combat Diagram

Combat in this game is based on a rock-paper-scissors system. Overt moves can be parried by blocks, blocks can be broken by feints, and overt moves would overwhelm feints.

The way this system is, the main point in fighting is to recognize the type of skill that the opponent is bringing out, and to use the type that would restrain his/her skill. This requires familiarity with all the different skills ingame and their animations, which is Age of Wushu's take on a 'skill-based fighting system', as opposed to a 'level-based fighting system'.


Activating an internal skill with the same attribute as the skillset in use will grant players bonus damage. To check the attribute of a skill, players can simply mouse over it.

Battlefield/Battle ArenaEdit

On April 10, when Age of Wushu is launching out of the last closed beta, it will be opening another new feature of the game, the Battlefield/Battle Arena. This is an exciting chance for some simple team based dueling which will allow players more chances to earn Experience; moreover, with the new Meridian system drawing heavily on Combat to cultivate, players can get more Chi to activate those new skill points and harness more strength from internal skills. This new PvP arena will be a great place to test players' skills in a confined space, and improve their strategies for the more open and deadly world outside the arena.

There will be two Battlefield/Battle Arena locations to choose from (their environment having different Regions to leap across or run up and initiate combat):

  • 12-person teams will duel in the Ancient Tomb Sect
  • 24-person teams will duel in the Muyun Villa

Both arenas will have two modes that players can select:

  • Power Competition, a point based mode that scores teams for the kills that they have made
  • Death Mode, a faster and more intense scenario, not allowing respawns and without time limit. The last team standing at the end of the battle is the victor. Another distinctive feature of this mode are the Secret Association Experts. During the battle a random player will be designated as a higher priority target for a team. Killing this player will result in a Buff for the team that kills him/her. Oftentimes a team can focus too much on the SAE buff, that they will be leaving themselves open to attack from their opponents.


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