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Shaolin Wudang Emei Beggar's Sect
Scholars Tangmen Royal Guards Wanderer's Valley
Getting Started
How to Download Servers Character Creation Game Interface VIP Service
Game Mechanics
Combat Experience Cultivation Meridians
Offline living Affinity Random Encounters Jianghu system
Battle Arrays Kidnapping Alignment Guild
Equipment Transportation Quest Hero Locations
Good Dharma Sect Divine Water Palace Ancient Tomb Sect Changfeng Escort Agency
Neutral Mount Hua Sect Nianluo Dam
Evil Blood Blade Clan Five Immortals Sect
Standard Xu Family Manor Golden Needle Sect Villa of Beasts
Secret Plum Blossom Island Palace of Shifting Flowers Rootless Sect
Forbidden Instances
Normal Twilight Village Green Cloud Castle Peacock Villa
Longmen Inn Yanmen Pass Delightful Island
Jinling Incident Qingyao Palace Qingyao Palace (solo)
Bat Cave Wuzheng Secret Area Hidden Valley

School Instance

The Violet Chambers(Zixiao Underground Palace) Great Poison Palace
Villa of the Departed(Guili Villa) The Purgatory(Hell under Yuxia)
Cavern of Lost Souls(Ecstasy Cave) Apricot Forest
Sacrifice Cliff Wooden Monk Lane
Skill Sets
Single Sword Double Sword Single Blade Double Blade
Short Stick Long Staff Dagger Double Stings
Darts Rope Barehanded Hidden weapon
Random skills Flying skills
Life Skills
Gathering Miner Woodcutter Farmer Hunter Fisherman
Manufacturing Cook Herbalist Poison Maker
Blacksmith Tailor Craftsman
Cultural Musician Weiqi Player Calligrapher Painter
Marketplace Divinator Beggar
Starter Chengdu Jiming Posthouse Qiandeng Town Yanyu Villa
School Shaolin Emei Wudang Beggars' Sect
Scholars Tangmen Royal Guards Wanderer's Valley
Cities Jinling Suzhou Luoyang Yanjing
Others Yellow Plains Lingxiao City Nianluo Dam Penglai Fairy's Land
Plum Blossom Hill Northern Plains Northern Desert Youyun Sixteen Prefectures
Evil Men's Valley Xiangyang Slope
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Alternative versions

Age of Wushu is published by Snail Games USA. It is the North American version of the original Age of Wulin CN (九阴真经) , which is published by game's developer Suzhou Snail Electronics Co., Ltd. (also known as Snail Game) through the Woniu (蜗牛网) portal. Despite being the US release, however, it is currently available globally, with no area IP restrictions. The other alternative versions are Age of Wulin - Legend of the Nine Scrolls as published by gPotato for EU area, the coming Age of Kungfu as published by Cubizone for SEA area and Legends of Kung Fu as published by Mental Games for Russia.


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