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2013 Valentine Events

Event 1: Love You, Scream It Edit

Duration: February 14, 2013
Details: Shout your devotion through HERO INVITATION! Players will receive rewards for yelling during Hero Invitation
Rewards: Heavenly Origin Soul Pill x 2 for each Yell

Event 2: Forum Event: Show Love Edit

Duration: February 14–17, 2013
Details: During the event, make screenshots from game to show love emotions and post on forum, then will have chance to win price of: gold, VIP, horse, cloth set, flying skill
Rewards: Snail Forum admin will randomly pick up 5 winners to obtain:

Event 3: Deals for the 1st Time Edit

Duration: February 14–17, 2013
Details: Looking for a bit of an incentive to make that first Gold Purchase? We will be offering special bonuses to any player who purchases gold for the FIRST TIME on their account.
Gold PurchasedBonus Reward
10Heavenly Origin Soul Pill x 5
3050,000 Cultivation Points
50100,000 Cultivation Points
100200,000 Cultivation Points
200School Honor Certificate x 100

Event 4: Wushu Partnership Edit

Duration: February 14–24, 2013
Details: During the event, Team up and complete Forbidden instance and Team practice will gain cultivation pill, experience transfer pill

Event 5: Script Overstock Edit

Duration: February 14–17, 2013
February 22–24, 2013
Details: More scripts in the library of schools make for more skills to steal. For these days we will be increasing the amount of scripts available in the "School Robbing Event" from 500 to 1,000

Event 6: Silver Linings Skillbook Edit

Duration: February 14–17, 2013
February 22–24, 2013
Details: During this time,All players can use 200% of the amount of Silver Coins to practice Martial Arts. If the player already has the 200% buff, then he/she will get a 400% buff instead.

Event 7: EXP Double-UP! Edit

Duration: February 14–24, 2013
Details: We will be increasing all ways for getting experience by 100%! However, the daily experience cap will remain the same. So find that juicy double before you get in trouble.

References Edit

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